Logistics Systems Planning

The course "Logistics Systems Planning" looks at different fields of action for the design of global logistics systems. It includes the course Logistics System Planning, which deals with methods and concepts of planning, realisation and optimisation of logistics systems from a theoretical and practical point of view.

The core of the course is the processing of a real logistics planning case, in which the learned methods and concepts of system planning are practically applied and adapted.

In addition to the theoretical and practical introduction to the problem of the planning cases, the course includes the phases of independent problem processing and solution, the discussion of solution approaches and processing aids as well as the presentation of results and feedback.

Learning Objectives

The project-based course offers the opportunity to get to know methods and instruments for solving current projects and case studies from various industries in the areas of corporate structure and logistics planning. In addition to clear definitions of current management concepts, emphasis is placed on the systematic transfer of knowledge and reflection for the application of current topics in companies.

After completing the course, students are able to comprehensively analyse a logistics system and identify weaknesses and areas of action as well as generate measures. They will also be able to design logistics systems based on the recorded requirements of customers, products, processes and value creation partners, taking into account various planning scenarios and a systematic evaluation process.

Course Details

The module description with information on the workload as well as the type of examination and grading can be found here.
Course Number73 110 L 1483
Time of the course04.03.2024 – 22.03.2024
RoomH 9107
ContactMartin Kosch, M.Sc.

Current Information

  • The course "Logistics System Planning" will take place in the winter semester 2023/2024 as a block course during the semester break.
  • The period covers 04.03.2024 to 22.03.2024.
  • Further information on content and semester dates can be found in the ISIS course "Logistics System Planning WiSe 23/24".