Logistics: Systems Design and Integration

The course teaches in-depth content of strategic, tactical and operational logistics planning and, in particular, logistics system planning in industry, trade and logistics services. Furthermore, the use of information technologies, automation and identification technologies as well as the interaction of the logistician with these systems are dealt with in more detail.

In the application part of the course, the methods of process recording, process analysis and process design are learned in practice. This includes the classification of products and components, process visualisation, key figure calculation, in particular through the method of value stream design and the calculation of the total cost of ownership.

In-depth consideration is given to technological components that are necessary for the planning and control of logistics systems and that, as part of logistics systems, improve processes towards higher customer satisfaction. For the execution of warehouse processes, the use of automation and identification technologies is demonstrated under laboratory conditions. As part of the examination of digitalised logistics processes, questions of cross-plant logistics planning, real-time tracking of processes and digital business models in logistics are learned.

Learning Objectives

The students learn how to use suitable methods for various design, control and planning problems in logistics. The focus here is particularly on conveying the customer order process and its influence on operational, tactical and strategic logistics system planning. Due to the holistic approach, the planning of logistics systems for industry, trade and logistics services is considered, including the integration of customers, suppliers, development, production and transport.

Course Details

The module description with information on the workload as well as the type of examination and grading can be found here.
Course Number73 110 L 1564
Time of the courseLecture: Tue, 10-12h
Tut: Thu, 10-12/ 10-14/ 10-16
RoomH 1012
ContactJonas Brands, M.Sc.

Current Information

  • The course builds on the contents of the Bachelor course "Fundamentals of Logistics".
  • The documents for the course can be found on the ISIS platform under "Logistik: Gestaltung und Integration - WiSe 23/24".