Diversity Management

The Diversity Management module will be offered the next time in the summer semester 2023.

It will take place on four days in the semester as block courses on the following dates:

  1.     8.5. 13:00 to 19:00 (on site at TU Berlin - room H9107).
  2.     9.5. 9:00 to 12:00 (on site at TU Berlin - room H9107)
  3.     26.5. 9:00 to 17:00 (virtual)
  4.     12.6. 10:00 to 14:00 (on site at TU Berlin- Room H9107)


The course Diversity Management teaches the basics of corporate diversity management. It is recommended for students who aspire to a management position in an internationally active company or organisation and would like to learn how diverse teams can be managed efficiently.

Specifically, it is about understanding how to manage the diversity of a company's workforce along the dimensions of: Gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion as well as professional and academic background can be used constructively to achieve the company's goals.

The special role of the corporate and team culture is also addressed, which must be shaped accordingly by the manager. The course provides the necessary theoretical background, which is supplemented by concrete case studies and best practice cases from corporate practice.

The lectures offered take place in the form of an integrated block seminar with a sequence of theory and practically designed exercise blocks, in which teaching content is summarised and deepened.

The workload of the students corresponds to 180 hours each (6 ECTS). These are divided up as follows: Attendance time 60 hours, preparation and follow-up 60 hours, exam preparation 60 hours.

The form of examination is a written paper and an accompanying presentation.

The course is designed for students of Industrial Engineering in the Master's programme and students whose examination regulations allow this module to be taken, e.g. Sustainable Management.

Learning Objectives

Students of the Diversity Management course have an overview knowledge of diversity management and are able to understand and constructively apply how to deal with diverse backgrounds of employees in the company. The course is conducted interactively.

The course teaches professional competence 25% methodological competence 10% system competence 15% social competence 50%.

Course Details

The module description with information on the workload as well as the type of examination and grading can be found here.
Course Number73 110 L 8896
Time of the courseBlock seminar
RoomRoom H9107 or Zoom
ContactJulian Maas, M.Sc.