Structure of the Programme

The programme at the Chair of Logistics comprises 12 courses, whereby individual focal points can be selected within the individual courses.

The course Fundamentals of Logistics lays the foundations for later specialisation in the three areas of Logistics Systems in Practice, Logistics in Industry and Transport Logistics. Each course comprises 6 ECTS (4 hrs/week).

Bachelor's Degree

In the Bachelor's programme, the course Fundamentals of Logistics is offered for all industrial engineers in the integration area and is suitable as an elective for many technical degree programmes.

Master's Degree

Master's students choose from the modules of the specialisation area depending on the desired scope. Basic knowledge of logistics is a prerequisite.

The courses in the logistics field of study are primarily intended for industrial engineers in the Master's degree programme. Students of other fields of study are particularly referred to the modules in Transport and Production Logistics as well as Logistics: Design and Integration and Logistics: Technologies and Digital Processes.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of the courses, attendance is also suitable for Master's students of economics as well as technical and mathematical courses. Modules such as Global Logistics Management or Logistics Systems in Practice are excellent elective options.