Strategies and Best Practices

Hardly any sub-area of economic-technical research pursues such a holistic approach as logistics. The customer order process as the basis of all logistical processes and information flows offers both operational and strategic design elements. Logistics begins with the efficient storage and retrieval of goods, smart provision of resources for production as well as optimal route planning for distribution, and ends with the holistic optimisation of a value creation system through a global coordination of supply and demand in the entire network. The research profile "Strategies and Best Practices" is dedicated to researching strategies for the holistic planning, control and optimisation of value creation systems. The focus is on the interlinking of theory and practice by investigating the application of proven as well as innovative theoretical strategies in the industrial environment. By identifying and analysing best practices in various industries, we contribute to the research of application-oriented logistics strategies within the framework of this research field.

Current Research Projects

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