Smart Technologies and Digital Logistics Models

The use of information systems is nowadays an integral part of strategic, tactical and operational logistics control and planning. The development of new identification and automation technologies has drastically changed the face of logistics in recent decades. The research field "Technologies and Digital Logistics" is dedicated to researching these technologies in order to be able to use them in logistics. New technologies in data collection and transmission enable companies to collect and distribute more data than ever before. Expanded possibilities for data processing and evaluation through the increase in general computing capacity as well as further developments in the area of artificial intelligence and big data approaches also allow these data volumes to be evaluated more efficiently and effectively than ever before. This creates many opportunities to profitably apply disruptive technologies in logistics, such as digital logistics twins, autonomous driving and blockchain technologies. By investigating new technologies and digital concepts, we contribute to researching their potential and success factors in order to digitally shape logistics in the long term and sustainably.

Current Research Projects

Digital Twin

Simulation and design of digital-twin applications for real-time planning and control of logistics networks


AI-based ETA forecasts for inland navigation logistics chains

Completed Research Projects (Selection)


Efficient collaboration in RFID-based value networks


AI-based ETA forecasts in intermodal transport networks