Globales Logistics Management

The globalisation of value creation systems and markets places new demands on logistics. The research profile "Global Logistics Management" addresses this development and focuses on the special features of international logistics. The ability of companies to procure, produce and distribute their goods internationally and to coordinate activities with value creation partners across different stages is already the basic prerequisite for competitive business in many sectors. Bottlenecks in this area present themselves as obstacles to growth, while companies with special capabilities can generate competitive advantages here through special customer benefits. Well-networked companies and value creation systems are also the basic prerequisite for sustainable logistics on an economic, ecological and social level. By investigating logistical influencing factors and interrelationships that arise in internationally operating companies, we contribute to more sustainable global logistics systems within the framework of this research field

Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte


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Verlustarme Lebensmittellogistik für mehr Beschäftigung in Äthiopien


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