Supply Chain Management in Turbulent Times

Supply chains are in turbulent times. This study sheds light on everyday and exceptional risks that can lead to disruptions along the supply chain and provides recommendations on how to deal with them. It is based on the analysis of 270 industrial companies. Supplier and customer risks were considered, as well as the economic crisis of the past two years and the volcanic eruption in Iceland in the spring of 2010. In addition to taking the current situation into account, the search for agile and robust strategies with which such risks can be managed is in the foreground. By establishing supply chain risk management, risks at upstream and downstream stages of the supply chain can be identified, assessed, controlled and monitored. It also shows that to create agile and robust supply chains, communication and cooperation between supply chain partners must be optimised.

Bibliographical data

Wieland, Andreas; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus (2011): Supply-Chain-Management in stürmischen Zeiten, TU Verlag: Berlin, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-7983-2304-9