Global Logistics: Strategies, Concepts and Practical Examples

The internationalisation of business activities is currently a high priority for many companies. A variety of different approaches and internationalisation strategies pose different challenges for logistics. What tasks can be expected in a networked international environment? How can logistics and purchasing ensure that internationalisation projects meet the high expectations? How must cultural differences be dealt with? What risks must be expected in an increasingly global economy based on the division of labour? The Federal Logistics Association (BVL) wants to provide answers to these and other questions with its "Global Logistics" working group. Within the framework of this working group, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ing. Frank Straube, the following three challenges of internationalisation were scrutinised:

  1. Global Sourcing and Supplier Management in Emerging Markets
  2. Internationalisation of logistics systems
  3. Security and risk management in international logistics networks.

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