MX Award: Manufacturing Excellence Award

The MX Award was initiated with the aim of identifying and promoting innovative solutions in the field of production and logistics and making them accessible to the general public. In accordance with this claim, the aim is to establish a network for communicating and shaping best practices as well as for promoting cross-sectoral international cooperation. The phase model of the MX Award "Identify strengths - Generate innovations - Set standards - Communicate best practices" clarifies this claim as a communication platform as well as a generator of innovations in science and practice.

Objectives and aspiration 
The primary objective of the Manufacturing Excellence concept is to promote cross-industry cooperation to create a network for communication for experts from science and practice. Innovative and creative solutions should not only strengthen international competitiveness in the long term, but also Germany as a business location, particularly through holistic interaction. 

Origin and basis
The guiding principle of the Manufacturing Excellence Award is: "Identify strengths - set standards". Thus, the MX Award was founded in Germany in 2004 - modelled on the successful MX Award in Great Britain. For almost 30 years, best practice solutions have been honoured there and companies have received awards. The MX Award in Germany is the established counterpart and a respected benchmarking competition for best practices in the industry.

Phase model

The phase model behind the MX Award illustrates the competition's intrinsic claim to be a platform for best practice solutions and a communication forum as well as a generator of innovations. Identifying the strengths of other companies or sectors forms the necessary basis for further development to meet one's own requirements, in order to adapt them successfully. As a result, innovations can be generated that represent new best practice solutions and flow into a renewed and thus continuous process of knowledge.

The primary intention of the organisers of the MX Award is therefore the dissemination of best practice solutions and the support of companies in the identification of solution strategies and their implementation, and not only the identification and awarding of prizes for outstanding concepts. The communication and dissemination of successful solutions takes place through the annual publication of the results in the MX Report as well as in the direct knowledge transfer through the activities of the MX Award: MX Tour, MX Dialogue and MX Member.

Project organization

Webseite des Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Project duration: 

Since 2005, ongoing

Overall project management MX Award

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Chair MX Jury

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Frank Straube

Head of the Chair of Logistics


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