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One of the dominant megatrends of the past decades has undoubtedly been globalisation. This profound development has gained much speed in the last fifteen years. Especially with Asia as the No. 1 growth market, managers today associate high hopes for cost savings and additional growth. At the same time, there are many different approaches and internationalisation strategies that present logistics with various challenges. What tasks can be expected in a networked international environment? How can logistics and purchasing ensure that internationalisation projects meet the high expectations? How must cultural differences be dealt with? What risks must be reckoned with in an increasingly global economy based on the division of labour? The German Logistics Association (BVL) wants to provide answers to these and other questions with the "Global Logistics" working group, which was decided in 2006 and concluded at the end of 2007. The "Global Logistics" working group dealt with three challenges of internationalisation:

  • Internationalisation of logistics systems
  • Supplier management in emerging markets
  • Service and uncertainty

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