„RouteCharge“ – Battery Changing System for the Development of Medium Distances in Store Delivery with e-NFZs

The aim of this project is to open up medium distances (300 km) for freight transport with electrically driven commercial vehicles, as well as the inclusion of long-range supply chains in distribution logistics with electric commercial vehicles. This is intended to broaden the possible range of applications for eNFZs from the fleet operator's point of view, thereby achieving further progress in the economic viability of eNFZs. Field tests to date have shown that the vehicles can only be operated in a narrow logistical corset - typically as an inner-city distribution vehicle with low tour variance. The aim is therefore to develop and implement a concept that guarantees the fleet operator freedom of disposition comparable to that of a diesel vehicle. This should improve the business acceptance of the eNFZ, so that the fleet share of electric vehicles can grow more strongly than before.

Battery changing stations are to be implemented on a main axis of freight traffic. The charging processes will be controlled by the fleet dispatching system to ensure that vehicles with battery change requirements do not have to wait at the changing stations.

A key issue of the project is the operating model of the charging stations: a dual-use model is to be developed and tested, which on the one hand provides grid-side regulating power and on the other serves as an exchange station for e-trucks. The dual-use mode significantly changes all previously known TCO calculations and has the potential for a dramatic improvement in the economic efficiency of eNFZ. The dual-use mode is to be realized by a distributed agent system that controls and monitors the grid- and vehicle-side capacity provision of the swap stations and its battery systems.

Project film RouteCharge

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