Networking of Logistics Networks with a Focus on Seaport-Hinterland Transports

Dynamic is the word that can be used very well to describe current economic developments and, in particular, developments in international, maritime container traffic. The resulting need for capacity has increasingly led to bottlenecks at the edges and nodes of the transport infrastructure network, such as ports and rail connections of certain relations, in recent years.

Two projects are investigating how the entire transport chain can be made more efficient through increased collaboration between market participants such as shipowners, freight forwarders, and quay operators at the strategic and operational logistics level. The thematic focus at the operational logistics level is the development of a concept for improving the cross-actor operational data flow in order to achieve reliable and efficient transport flows in the logistics network.

The strategic study aims to design and implement, in collaboration with market participants, a holistic industry planning model to assess long-term developments in transportation demand and the transportation network.

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