DIVA: Service Traffic in Industrial Value Creation Processes

DIVA stands for "Dienstleistungsverkehr in industriellen Wertschöpfungsprozessen".

The aim of the project was to research the causes and manifestations of service traffic in order to be able to assess its further development. In addition, the project results were to provide an evaluation and decision-making basis for politics and companies by showing possibilities for implementing management concepts that lead to an optimisation and reduction of service traffic.

The research design of the project had the following focal points:

  • Exploratory study: Within the framework of a partially standardised company survey, manufacturing and service-providing companies were surveyed in personal interviews.
  • Representative survey: In a two-stage quantitative survey, companies were interviewed throughout Germany and across all sectors, and on this basis the transport impacts of service provision/relationships were investigated.
  • Case studies: In seven practical examples, manufacturing and service-providing companies were closely examined, especially with regard to the information and communication technologies used.  In cooperation with the companies, measures developed were evaluated with regard to their traffic-reducing effect.

Based on the results of the empirical studies, scenarios for the further development of service traffic were created.

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