BestLog: EU Logistics Best Practice Platform

The aim of the project is to establish a publicly accessible Europe-wide logistics and SCM best practice platform for the international and cross-sectoral exchange of "good" logistics solutions. On the one hand, these will be used to create standards for a European logistics sustainability certificate, and on the other hand, they will be incorporated into logistics education and training to promote sustainable competitiveness in Europe. After the end of the project, the platform will continue to exist as a non-profit and self-financing institution.

The goals in detail:

  • Harmonisation of people, environment and profit in the target system of companies. 
  • Provision of best practice case studies for companies of different sizes and sectors to enable users to implement best practice management across departments or companies.
  • Building a network of experts through cross-sectoral, international workshops
  • Efficient transport to reduce externalities
  • Europe-wide dissemination of logistics competence in logistics practice and logistics education by compiling best practice case studies
  • Creation of standards
  • Creation of economic growth and employment as a long-term consequence
  • Initiation of solutions for the harmonisation of legal regulations and corporate decisions

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