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Postdoc Position (5 years); DEADLINE: 13.10.2023   |   Reference bumber: II-616/23   |  Mail to:  Prof. Dr. Otto Dopfer (

PhD Position (3 years); DEADLINE: 20.10.2023   |   Reference number: II-622/23   |  Mail to:  Prof. Dr. Otto Dopfer (

5 PhD Positions @ IMPRS; DEALINE:…

International Symposium on Molecular Recognition Mechanism between Flexible Molecules 16.-20. Oct. 2023

5th International Symposium of JSPS Core-to-Core Program on “Molecular Recognition Mechanism between Flexible Molecules”

16th – 20th October 2023 takes place at TU Berlin

We're happy to announce the 5th International Symposium of JSPS Core-to-Core Program on “Molecular Recognition Mechanism between Flexible Molecules”, which will take place at  TU Berlin from 16th to 20th October 2023. 

The preliminary program: 
(a download will be possible later. Please excuse this inconvenience)

Dr. Martin George!

Congrats to our colleague Martin George, who successfully defended his PhD thesis on friday July 07, 2023.

After 12 years of work (bachelor thesis, master thesis, student assistant, PhD student) in our group at QOQ, Martin successfully defended his PhD thesis on 07/07/2023.

Therefore, we are very happy and send our congratulations to the newly graduated Dr. Martin George. 

2023 Masters Project Prize to Peter Rubli

Congrats to Peter Rubli, who's a master student in AG Dopfer and is awarded for his master thesis!


Peter joined the QOQ and wrote his master thesis on diamondoid radical cations. The university of Edinburgh, where he studied, awarded his thesis titled "Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemical Calculations of Diamondoid Radical Cations" as an outstanding academic achievement in the MChemPhys Chemical Physics Final Year…

Hello ISMS 2023!

Parker and Taarna visited the ISMS (June 19-23, 2023) in Urbana, IL.

Our colleagues Parker Crandall and Taarna Studemund attended ISMS (International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy) in Urbana/Champaign (IL) this year and each gave a talk. 

Furthermore, Taarna was awarded the Snyder Award last year for her talk titled "Si2O2+ - PHOTODISSOCIATION & OPTICAL ABSORPTION PROPERTIES", which was handed over to her in…

Hello Bunsen-Tagung

Successful participation at the Bunsen Conference 2023 in Berlin with the following contributions

Successful participation at the Bunsen Conference 2023 in Berlin with the following contributions



An astrochemical perspective on Radioactive Molecules - A. Breier, Kassel/DE, T. Giesen, Kassel/DE



Microhydration of the pyrrole cation (Py⁺) revealed by IR spectroscopy: Ionization-induced rearrangement of thehydrogen-bonded…

Visitors from Japan

Welcome Yuika Okura (26.05.-10.06) & Yoshi Matsumoto (22.05.-02.06.)

Hello DPG-Frühjahrstagung SAMOP 2023

Participation in the DPG spring meeting SAMOP 2023 in Hannover with several contributions of the AG Dopfer.

Attendance at the DPG Spring Meeting SAMOP 2023 was successful with the following contributions:



Optical properties of the Si2O+ cation — •Emil Mickein, Taarna Studemund, Kai Pollow, Marko Förstel, and Otto Dopfer

Optical Absorption and Photodissociation Properties of SinOm+ — •Taarna Studemund, Marko Förstel, Kai Pollow, Emil Mickein,…

Welcome Alexander Breier, new post doc!

New Covers published for Natural Science and PCCP