Food Technology and Food Material Science
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Welcome to the Department of Food Technology and Food Material Science
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At the Department of Food Technology and Material Sciences we investigate the relationship between the chemical structure of food ingredients, their composition and their technological functionality in food production. The focus is on proteins and other biopolymers that are used in gels, emulsions and foams. In this context we aim to contribute to the sustainability of food products and a future-oriented food production by emphasizing on agricultural and underutilized raw materials.



We are looking for an early stage researcher working in a third-party funded project on structure formation in mixed plant protein gels. For more information please visit the official job advertisement.


Vivienne Sankowski won the Young Scientist Award for her contribution "Potential of redcurrant protein as an emulsifier in oil-water-emulsions" at the 2nd NIZO Plant Protein Functionality Conference.


In the winter term, the department's range of courses includes the modules "Quality Management, Food Law and Statistics", "Food Material Sciences", "Lab course on Food Technology and Analysis" and "Experimental Planning and Evaluation in the Food Industry". Due to delays in hiring staff for teaching through no fault of our own, the modules “Sustainable Product Development” and “Introduction to Scientific Work” are canceled without replacement.