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Project Workshop - JETSDREAMS

"Jet Engine Test Stand for Data Recording, Evaluating And Monitoring for Students Education"

History and Future Prospects

The micro gas turbine project was founded in 2005 as an independent student initiative in the form of a project workshop at the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Berlin. At first it was supervised by Prof. Jürgen Thorbeck and in 2006 passed on to Prof. Dieter Peitsch after the reoccupation of the Department of Aeroengines by the latter.

The project team deals with the entire development, construction, manufacturing and test realization of micro gas turbines. In 2007 a first prototype was finished, which had completed many successful test runs by 2008.

The first experiences and results from these test runs and from the topical test runs in November 2009 are used to analyze the existing system and to incorporate important modifications into the existing micro gas turbine design.

The particular focus of research does currently involve the combustion chamber design and its numerical simulation, oil system improvements

and the implementation of novel measurement sensors into the current design.

Further knowledge shall be won by subsequent test runs following the successful implementation of the afore mentioned modifications, leading to a second-generation design of micro gas turbines. For research and development works we provide a commercially available micro gas turbine, which may be used to compare thermodynamic state variables and performance data.

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