Aero Engines


The education system of the chair for Aero Engines covers all aspects of gas turbines and gas turbine systems. Thus the structure of teaching reflects the educational needs to enable students to understand details of turbo machinery, gas turbines, system integration and the operation of whole propulsion systems. All courses contain relevant modules with lectures and practical exercises, where student learn to apply the gained knowledge in one go. In team work projects, they learn in addition to run tasks in a project oriented way as it is needed in industry later. A presentation of the results in front of a critical audience is compulsory in this context.

Courses start at a basic level to understand the relevant aero- and thermodynamic issues, then the principles of the design of compressors and turbines and finally convey the whole system ‘gas turbine' for aerospace propulsion and for earth-bound purposes such as energy generation and mobile applications. Environmental aspects are included by combining activities with other institutions such as the DLR.

Specialist courses are offered, presenting the detailed design of gas turbine components in every aspect, the performance and the secondary systems of jet engines and the operation on whole propulsion system level including verification and certification. The lectures are supported by partners from industry and other universities and partially given in English.

Details of the content of the various lectures are given in the description of each module.

Beside these modules offered in the various curricula at the Technical University of Berlin, offers are made to transfer the knowledge into a practical application: the student's project JETSDREAM presents the possibility to develop, build and operate a small gas turbine.


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