Aero Engines


Introduction of Project

The micro gas turbine owned by the Department of Aeroengines has one shaft powering a radial compressor by an axial turbine stage. The machine is designed to deliver 100 N thrust at 90.000 rpm. Air flows through an inlet duct into a radial compressor where it is compressed before heated by an annular combustion chamber equipped with evaporators for fuel burning. In order to deliver the calculated thrust a variable jet nozzle is situated just after the turbine stage.

In order to compress the air at the machine's intake a radial compressor - as it can be found in exhaust turbochargers - is used. The implemented variable compressor guide vanes are particularly effective for stationary operation beyond the machines design point. The turbine has been numerically and analytically calculated as an axial reaction turbine which was manufactured in BLISK form.

The annular combustion chamber, in which the fuel is applied through crook-like evaporators, is particularly effective for micro gas turbines as it guarantees low fuel injection pressure as well as no need for complex injection nozzles.

The suspension is designed around two hybrid bearings as locating/non-locating bearing arrangement. The high performance bearings with ceramic spheres are lubricated and cooled in a common oil-circulation system. The complete casing is divided into several modular axial sections which are screwed together via flange-type connections. This set-up allows separate modifications and optimization of nearly all micro gas turbine components in a short period of time.

The engine is mounted in a support frame via 3-point suspension, into which all necessary system and supply lines are integrated.

Measuring sensors for control, supervision and analysis purposes (pressure, temperature and rotational frequency) are mounted on the various sections of the turbo machine.

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