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SFB 1029 (TurbIn), D01

Holistic evaluation and improvement of a gas turbine with periodic pressure-gain combustion

This project is part of the Collaborative Research Centre 1029 „TurbIn“ - Substantial efficiency increase in gas turbines through direct use of coupled unsteady combustion and flow dynamics.

Energy conversion efficiencies of approximately 40% can be achieved in today’s gas turbines by the utilization of various design methods and materials. However, the main part of the primary energy used is still lost in form of heat, thereby producing greenhouse gases. It is common knowledge that after significant improvements in the past only marginal steps can be expected in the future for the classical design of these machines. Hence, only radical changes offer new opportunities. It is the vision of this Collaborative Research Center 1029 “TurbIn - Substantial efficiency increase in gas turbines through direct use of coupled unsteady combustion and flow dynamics” to increase the efficiency of a gas turbine by more than 10% by the exploitation and control of a combination of innovative combustion concepts and unsteady characteristics.

The major contribution to an efficiency increase is expected from a thermodynamically motivated move from a constant-pressure to a constant-volume combustion. This will be done with the more classical pulsed detonation as well as with a new shockless explosion concept. A pulsed combustion, however, will give rise to severe consequences with respect to a stable operation of the compressor or a reliable cooling of the first stages of a turbine, to name just a few challenges. To control these implications flow control methods either passive or in closed loop will be applied. These flow control methods will be built up in such a fashion that they offer an additional increase in efficiency which can even be used in a classical gas turbine as well.

The project “Holistic evaluation and improvement of a gas turbine with periodic pressure-gain combustion” focuses on the thermodynamic evaluation of gas turbine processes that implement pulsating constant-volume combustion. The gas turbine simulation tool GTlab is extend in the scope of the project, which will allow for the full consideration of the non - stationary gas dynamic phenomena, typical for the cycle in question. The affected turbo components as well as the secondary air system are covered at preliminary design level. Thus, the concept of periodic pressure-gain combustion is evaluated in the holistic context of a gas turbine.

Person of contact: M.Sc. Nicolai Neumann


Collaborative Research Center 1029 „TurbIn“, Subproject D01, 2016/2021


Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Dieter Peitsch

Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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