Aero Engines

GTlab (gas turbine laboratory)

In the scope of whole engine modeling, ILR mainly uses DLR’s recent performance synthesis code GTlab (gas turbine laboratory). The tool is capable to fulfill numerous requirements in today’s business of whole engine simulation:

  • arbitrary concepts of thermodynamic cycles
  • both stationary gas turbines and propulsion
  • simulation of steady state and transient behavior
  • simple integration into external simulation environments
  • portability to customers’ system environment
  • high flexibility, maintainability and sustainability by taking advantage of object-oriented programming

Based on a cooperation agreement between DLR and ILR, the chair of aero engines is directly involved in the development and validation of GTlab’s code. The tool is applied to all research-projects pertaining to whole engine simulation:

  • Development of an Intelligent Variable Stator Vanes Control Algorithm
  • Studies on effects of fan casing treatments in respect of the whole engine performance (joint research project FanTip, LuFo V)
  • Optimization of secondary air System flows in different operating conditions (COORETEC 3.1.4, AG TURBO 2020)

For further informations on GTlab, please visit the official site at DLR:
DLR - Institute of Propulsion Technology - GTlab