Aero Engines

Development of an Intelligent Variable Stator Vanes Control Algorithm

The requirements for high pressure compressors of modern aero engines in terms of delivered pressure ratio are rising due to the demand for more and more efficient engines. In order to ensure acceptable part load performance, modern multistage compressors are usually equipped with variable geometries such as handling bleed valves (HBV) or variable stator vanes (VSV).

The control logic of variable stator vanes holds high potential regarding cycle optimization and operating range extension at engine off-design condition.

Therefore the project’s aim is to optimize the aero-engine system regarding block fuel burn and extension of the operating range in steady state as well as transient operation. Besides that, it is investigated whether an uncoupled VSV System will improve compressor matching at off-design and particularly at deviation from steady state operating line. The results of the optimization are used to develop an intelligent VSV control algorithm which is capable to ensure optimum operation at off-design.

The investigations are conducted numerically with a coupled system of a compressor meanline and a performance program in order to properly model the compressors behavior within thermodynamic whole engine simulation.

Person of contact: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Bolemant

University Research TU Berlin, 2013/2015


Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Dieter Peitsch

Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

+49 30 314-22878

+49 30 314-79448



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