Speech Communication

Exam Registration and Module Administration for BA and MA Degree Programs

Exam registration

*****USAGE OF MTS*****

MTS in Moses will be used for exam registration! This means it is obligatory to register for any exams held by the Chair of Speech Communication in MTS. Qispos will not be re-activated for exam registration purposes.

Instructions for registering for an exam in Moses are available here and in the list on the right.


Please pay close attention to the deadlines when registering: The deadline for registering for modules to complete portfolio assessments is 30 November in the winter semester and 31 May in the summer semester. If your module assessment is in the form of a term paper, you can register this online until 15 February (WiSe) or 15 July (SuSe). If your module concludes with a written exam, you can register as early as eight weeks and up to one week before the exam date. You can register for an oral final exam six to eight weeks before the date scheduled by the examiner. The module description for your degree program includes information about the exam format. If you forget to register for an exam by the respective deadline, please contact our office.

Cumulative course result sheet for portfolio modules

Please be sure to complete the cumulative course result sheet in addition to registering online. We require this as it is not possible to enter grades for individual courses in QISPOS, only module grades. However, it is not always clear which courses you want to include in the modules. Additionally, we require this information for LinF. You can find the form for portfolio modules in the information provided by Faculty I for bachelor’s students and master’s students.

Please enter the courses you attended and the semester you completed the assessment. Make sure to also provide your first and last name, matriculation number, email address, the module number, and the date you registered for the module in QISPOS on the course result sheet. Please refer to the sample cumulative course result sheet with instructions (“Musterlaufzettel”) in the box on the right.

Once you have completed the module, please submit the completed course result sheet to ouroffice(room HBS 415) or deposit it in the mailbox directly next to the office. You can also send an e-mail to our office with your completed course sheet attached.

We will enter your grades for the individual courses (and confirm any which have already been entered), calculate your module grade, and enter this in MTS/ QISPOS. If you earned a grade more than a year after registering for a module, we will send the completed module form to the Examination Office as we no longer have access to the QISPOS data at that point.

In the master’s program, this applies to our courses “Oral communication as a key skill” (SK3b), “Speech information processing – acoustic and methodological principles” (SK4b), and “Oral communication in research and praxis” (SK5b).

In the bachelor’s program, this applies to our courses “Speech communication” (SK4), “Experimental and empirical methods” (SK5), and “Special aspects of oral communication” (SK6).