Speech Communication

Language and Communication, M.A. with a Focus on Applied Communication and Linguistics

TheLanguage and Communication master’s program examines speech and extra-linguistic semiotic processes as well as their foundation in communication science.

The specialization in applied communication and language studies pursues an application-oriented approach and integrates language theory (general linguistics), empirical analysis of speech data (corpus and computational linguistics), and experimental research of speech and oral communication (speech communication science). This makes it an interdisciplinary discipline at the intersection of the humanities and natural sciences.

The specialization in applied communication and language studies offers students the possibility to further specialize within the compulsory elective component. Modules are offered by the following academic chairs: Audio Communication Group, Quality and Usability Lab, Chair of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, Chair of Human-Machine Systems, Methodology and Maritime Psychology, Chair of Media Studies, Department of Engineering Acoustics.