Speech Communication

Courses Taught by Anabell Hacker, M.A.

Winter semester 2022/23

Seminar: Individual Speaking Styles (MA-SK 5b/ MA-MED 7/4)

Learn how to execute a detailed analysis based on speech communication research by using an example of a public speaker from radio, tv or any other media of your choice.

ISIS course

Schedule: Tuesdays, 10 am - 12 pm

Exam: Presentation (~60 minutes) incl. detailed handout


  • Introduction to the topics "Individual speaking styles" and "speaking styles in media and tv"
    • Choice of presentation topics
  • Methods to speaker analysis
  • Example presentation of the speaker Gerrit Schmidt-Foß
  • Presentations by participants
  • discussion and conclusion

Summer semester 2022

Seminar: Principles of speech information processing (BA-KulT SK 6)

Analysis of scientific articles on speech communication

Schedule: Wednesdays, 14-16:00

Exam: Group presentation of a (sub)topic from the course including a handout


  • Introduction to the course
  • Student introductions, introduction to literature
    • Assignment of presentation topics
    • Formation of groups
  • Group phase: Students research their topic with guidance from the instructor
  • Presentations
    • One presentation with discussion per session