Speech Communication

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Our work at the Chair of Speech Communication forges a link between the humanities and natural science disciplines at Technische Universität Berlin. We see our central responsibility in teaching students – in addition to psychological and biological aspects in oral communication – about natural science and technical issues of speech communication too . This is reflected in our teaching in the Culture and Technology bachelor’s program and the Language and Communication master’s program.

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Degree Programs

Learn everything you need to know about our "Culture and Technology - Language and Communication" bachelor’s program and master’s in "Language and Communication".

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Detailed information about our current courses as well as an overview of past courses

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Learn everything you need to know about examinations held by our academic chair. From registering to who to contact, we have you covered!

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Final Theses

This page contains all requirements for final theses written at our academic chair. It also provides possible topics for final theses.