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"Oral communication is very fleeting" - Interview with Prof. Sendlmeier in taz am Wochenende

The interview provides insight into the findings of speech effects research in recent years. It contains information on how humans convey emotion, personality and age in their voices.

"Wie ein Fingerabdruck": Interview with Prof. Sendlmeier in Spiegel-Ratgeber

Interview with Professor Sendlmeier in the Spiegel-Ratgeber "Ich kenne mich" on what our voice and speech reveal about us

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Voice and Coronavirus

Professor Sendlmeier on the importance of voice in times of the coronavirus, available in Süddeutsche Zeitung online


Der Klang der Mächtigen

TV feature in WDR-Wissenschaftsmagazine “Quarks & Co”