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The Chair of Speech Communication in the news.

Deutschlandfunk Nova: Voice Ageing

Dr. Markus Brückl in an interview with the radio station Deutschlandfunk Nova about the ageing process of human speaking and singing voice and lifestyle influences on it. [German interview]

Contribution by Prof. Sendlmeier to the "Stuttgarter Musikfest"

Prof. Dr. Walter Sendlmeier contributed to the "Stuttgarter Musikfest" with a talk about "Speech expression of personality and emotion". The talk will take place on June 28th, 2023.

Article with Prof. Dr Walter Sendlmeier in "Bild der Frauen"

Prof. Dr. Sendlmeier explains at welt-der-frauen.at what our voice tells about us: Ranging from illness to personality and emancipation - people reveal a lot with their voice and way of speaking.

"Lowered" - Article about the lowering of female voices with Dr. Markus Brückl in "Science Notes" magazine

Dr. Markus Brückl talks about lower female voices, their effects and reasons for them. The article in "Science Notes" magazine revolves around the new tendency in women to speak with a lower pitch.

"Oral communication is very fleeting" - Interview with Prof. Sendlmeier in taz am Wochenende

The interview provides insight into the findings of speech effects research in recent years. It contains information on how humans convey emotion, personality and age in their voices.

“Die Stimme ist die Seele des Menschen”: Interview with Prof. Sendlmeier in Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

An interview with Professor Sendlmeier has been published in the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” of 13 April 2022 on the topic of speech effect and what voices can reveal about personality, agreeableness, attractiveness, and mood.

hr2 Labyrinth des Hörens: Lecture by Prof. Sendlmeier

Professor Sendlmeier’s lecture on the human voice given at the hr2 event “Labyrinth des Hörens” is now available online. The German lecture begins around minute 35:20.

Das Geheimnis der menschlichen Stimme: Interview with Prof. Sendlmeier on MDR Kultur

The MRD feature takes a closer look at the enigma of the human voice. In interviews with experts, including Professor Sendlmeier, it explores the effect and interplay between our unique voices.

"Wie ein Fingerabdruck": Interview with Prof. Sendlmeier in Spiegel-Ratgeber

Interview with Professor Sendlmeier in the Spiegel-Ratgeber "Ich kenne mich" on what our voice and speech reveal about us

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Dialects Impact How We Perceive Personality

Dr. Kerstin Trillhaase, a graduate of the Chair of Speech Communication, reports on her research findings regarding how a speaker’s dialect impacts how we perceive them.