Speech Communication
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Phonetics Lab

Using the lab

The phonetics lab is used in the academic chair’s teaching and research activities. Computers installed with language processing software are available to students and instructors for term papers, final theses, and teaching. The lab can be used by all students in the academic chair upon request.


The phonetic lab is equipped with twelve PC computers installed with the following software:

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Praat
  • R
  • R commander
  • R Studio
  • HLSyn (synthesis software)
  • Microsoft Office

In agreement with the academic chair, you can also use the anatomical models (e.g. of a human ear or larynx) and other technical equipment on site, if necessary under supervision.

  • Audiometer
  • Electroglottograph/laryngograph
  • 4 high-speed cameras for 3D motion capturing

Contact person

Office HBS 9
Building HBS
Room HBS 404
Address Hardenbergstr. 16-18
10623 Berlin
Consultation hoursby arrangement via e-mail


Organization name Chair of Speech Communication
Building HBS
Room 406
Address Hardenbergstr. 16-18
10623 Berlin
Hours of operation:by arrangement with contact person

Phonetics Lab – Chair of Speech Communication