Speech Communication

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Faculty I - Humanities

Technische Universität Berlin was founded in 1946 with the aim of bringing together technological and natural scientific expertise with theoretical and historical reflection. Today, one of the central tasks of the Faculty’s teaching and research is to build bridges between humanities and the educational sciences and the technical and natural sciences.

Institute of Language and Communication

The Chair of Speech Communication is part of the Institute of Language and Communication. Other academic chairs in the institute include the Chair of General Linguistics, the Audio Communication Group, the Chair of German as a Foreign Language, and the Chair of Media Studies.

Representatives and initiatives

Students' Course Guidance

Course Guidance advisors are students who advise fellow students in the Culture and Technology - Language and Communication, B.A. and Language and Communication, M.A. programs. A list of the student advisors is available here.

KulT Ini Student Representative Council

The student representative council is open to all students in Faculty I. The council is dedicated to student issues and serves as a mediator between the University and its students.