Engineering Design and Product Reliability

General information

We teach engineering courses for students studying Mechanical Engineering and Transport Engineering as well as a number of courses for students in other degree programs.

Our courses address issues ranging from the dynamic consideration of, for instance, rotors in turbines (Balancing Techniques and Rotor Dynamics), through to the strength of selected components with regard to their service life. The courses Strength and Fatigue as well as Design Against Stress provide insight into the analytical and numerical examination of strength issues. Drive Systems and Components (bachelor’s module)provides an overview of the components in a powertrain as well as their dynamics and the design of dampers and absorbers.

Types of practical tutorials

Balancing Techniquesyes-yessummer semester
Rotor Dynamicsyesyes-winter semester
Strength and Fatigueyes--winter semester
Design Against Stressyesyes-summer semester
Drive Systems and Components*yes--winter and summer semester
(*= bachelor’s module)    
Please refer to the individual courses for further information.