Engineering Design and Product Reliability
Engineering Design, Structure and Rotor Dynamics Project

Learning content and outcomes

Learning content

This project addresses current issues in research with a focus on engineering design, system or structure measurement, analytical and operational tasks:

- Developing solution concepts, breaking down the main process into subtasks, formulating milestones

- Independent processing of the project, interim reports and updates

- Documenting work steps and results

- Presenting the completed project in a colloquium


Learning outcomes

Through guided independent work on selected current topics from the engineering-technical areas of our current research, students are familiarized with the typical phases of project work in a team. By solving practice-oriented tasks, students train their social technical and organizational skills in addition to acquiring technical and methodological knowledge.

Participation scope and requirements

The Engineering Design, Structure and Rotor Dynamics Project encompasses four course hours per week. In groups of no more than four, students work on a complex task over the course of the semester with little guidance.

If you would like to take this module and complete it with a graded portfolio assessment, please take note of the following requirements for the module exam registration:

- none;



Useful knowledge depending on the task:

- Designing with CAD

- Mechanics and structural dynamics

- Metrology and control engineering

- MatLab, SciLab, C, Fortran or C++ - FEM


The portfolio assessment consists of a documentation and a presentation.


If you are interested in the project, please speak with one of the following contact persons:

Aryan Ghomashi, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Tien Dat Phan

Marian Sarrazin, M.Sc.

Examination registration

Take note of the registration deadlines for portfolio examinations pursuant to Section 63 of the TU Berlin General Study and Examination Regulations of 9 September 2020.