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Sustainable Drive Systems and Components

Learning content and outcomes

Learning content

- Overview of power and driven machines

- Drive elements and their behavior

- Drive problems

- Energy flow and efficiencies

- Design calculations of powertrains for steady-state and transient operation

- Epicyclic gearing

- Clutches, brakes

- Sustainability aspects in drive systems

- Practical examples


Learning outcomes

Students completing the module possess knowledge in the following:

- Structure, functioning and sustainability of alternative drive machines such as electric motors and hybrid drives compared to conventional combustion engines

- Characteristic curves of drive machines

- Transmission behavior from input to output

- Resource-saving conversion of drive variables by transmissions and hydraulic units

- Evaluation of drives and drive elements with regard to the aspects of sustainability

- Relationships between technology, nature, the individual, and society

- Acting responsibly in the field of engineering

- Efficiencies of drive motors, gearboxes and converters Specialist skills:

- Applying the acquired technical knowledge to design drive units

- Completing complex technical tasks in teams Competences:

- Solving technical engineering problems in drive technology with consideration for sustainability aspects, both independently and in teams

- Analyzing and assessing the relationships between technology, nature, and people with regard to their historical causes and present and future effects

- Cooperating with others to effectively organize work while observing mutual agreements

- Anticipating the impacts and risks of technology on nature and people


During the practical tutorial, students have the opportunity to apply and further understand lecture material. In computational homework, students apply the knowledge they have learned and practice calculating and evaluating.

Participation scope and requirements

Sustainable Drive Systems and Components is an integrated course encompassing four course hours per week. It includes a lecture and a practical tutorial (each 2 course per week).

If you would like to take this module and complete it with an oral exam, please take note of the following requirements for the module exam registration:

- Successful completion of coursework




Registration for the current semester

Please use ISIS to register for the current 2023 summer semester.

All further information about the semester will also be posted there.



If you have any questions about the course or scheduling, please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Arsalan Khoshnevis

Please discuss any technical questions with the relevant teaching assistant during office hours.

Exam dates and registration

Students who have already completed the certificate of performance (cop) in the Drive Systems and Components module in a previous semester should also register for the examination via MOSES. The cop of Drive Systems and Components is also recognized for the new module Sustainable Drive Systems and Components. You therefore have the option of registering for either Drive Systems and Components or Sustainable Drive Systems and Components. If you decide to take Sustainable Drive Systems and Components, you will also be asked to answer questions from the new lecture.
When registering in MOSES, please note the selection of the date with the correct module designation!

Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

New modul name - what do you have to know

You have already completed the certificate of achievement in "Drive Systems and Components" in an earlier semester and would now like to take your exam? You register for the exam as usual and note the old module name 'Drive Systems and Components' in the exam registration under "Title of module (full title, no abbreviation)".

Later if exam registrations under the old name will be no longer possible. The credit already achieved will be recognized for 'Sustainable Drive Systems and Components'.

Certificate of performance

Validity of the certificate of performance

The certificate of performance is required to register for the module exam. You must acquire it once. After this, it is valid indefinitely. It does not expire because it is not part of the module exam.

Examination registration

Are there any requirements to register for the exam?

Yes, you must have earned your certificate of performance. This is awarded following successful completion of all coursework during the semester.


Examination period

  • At the beginning of the lecture period: April or October
  • At the end of the lecture period: February or July


Examination registration

The registration for exam is in MOSES.

Examination procedure and topics

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