Engineering Design and Product Reliability
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Project - Engineering Design and Calculation

Learning content and outcomes

Learning content

  1. Project planning
  2. Methods for solving technical engineering problems during the development and calculation stages
  3. Working out solutions and documentation


Learning outcomes

This project provides you with the skills you’ll need in your career as an engineer. You will gain experience working independently as well as in a group. The project provides an opportunity to apply and further deepen what you have learned from your bachelor’s studies thus far, particularly in the areas of design and/or drive technology. Furthermore, you will learn how to quickly dive into new topics and acquire basic project management skills.

The tasks assigned are taken from current research and reflect real issues in industrial practice. As a rule, you will follow the steps below:

  • Analyzing the problem
  • Creating a possible solution/choosing a method
  • Planning the project steps
  • Implementing the project plan
  • Documenting the progress of each stage
  • Regularly assessing project progress

Participation scope and requirements

Project - Engineering Design and Calculation encompasses four course hours per week.

If you would like to take this module and complete it with a graded portfolio assessment, please take note of the following requirements for the module exam registration:

- no requirements; however, the following is preferred: Visualization of Technical Systems, Design Theory 1-3, methodical product development, manufacturing technology, mechanics, materials engineering, and a basic internship in a metal processing plant


The portfolio assessment consists of a documentation (group work) and a presentation (independent work).


If you are interested in the project, please speak with one of the following contact persons:

Aryan Ghomashi, M.Sc.

Dr.-Ing. Tien Dat Phan

Marian Sarrazin, M.Sc.

Examination registration

Take note of the registration deadlines for portfolio examinations pursuant to Section 63 of the TU Berlin General Study and Examination Regulations of 9 September 2020.