Engineering Design and Product Reliability
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Computer-Assisted Modeling of Technical Systems

Learning content and outcomes

Learning content

In this course, you learn how to use the professional CAD software Siemens NX on the basis of several examples. The course is recommended as preparation for Design Theory 2 & 3 as well as other design projects.

  • Sketching, modeling, creating assemblies and drawings with Siemens NX
  • Introduction to other modules in the CAD software (free-form surfaces, sheet metal part modeling, motion simulation and others)


Learning outcomes


  • Understanding of the modules in Siemens NX
  • Understanding of industry practices when creating CAD models that are integrated into the product development process

Specialist skills:

  • Parametric creation of CAD models of complex components according to industry practices
  • Combining these into assemblies and analyzing them
  • Creating technical drawings that comply with standards and conventions


  • Conducting computer-aided engineering design processes
  • Selecting suitable approaches when designing complex technical products
  • Effectively working on design tasks in teams
  • Independently learning other program functions as well as the ability to modify the software 

Participation scope and requirements

Computer-Assisted Modeling of Technical Systems is an integrated course encompassing two course hours per week.

If you would like to take this ungraded module and complete it with a portfolio assessment, please take note of the following requirements for the module exam registration:

- Successful completion of Module 50679 - Visualization of Technical Systems

- MOSES registration for the tutorial (registration begins 01.04. and 01.10.)

The portfolio assessment consists of homework and a presentation.


Registration for the current semester

aktuelles Semester

Please use ISIS to register for the current 2023 summer semester. All further information about the semester will also be posted there.

Please note that you must register for the tutorial via MOSES:

Beginning 01.10. - winter semester

Beginning 01.04. - summer semester


If you have any questions about the course or scheduling, please contact the module coordinator:

Dipl.-Ing. Arsalan Khoshnevis

Please contact your tutor with any questions about course content.


How can I access the software?

The software will be provided via the ISIS course page.

Are there are any requirements for using NX? 

We are currently only able to provide installation files for Windows operating systems.

How does the license work?

The NX license runs on a server in TU Berlin’s intranet. This means your device needs to be connected to the University network when using the software. You can either connect using the WLAN on campus or a VPN. The VPN must be connected for the entire session.