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DFG - Axial Gas Foil Bearings GFTBs

Figure 1: a) GFTB backing plate with pads, b) GFTB and shaft with runner, c) Flow in the gap at a pad

Figure 2: Rotor dynamic testing rig

Figure 3: Stability limit of a radial and axial gas foil supported system

  • Project: Axial gas foil bearings as lubricant-free bearings for high-speed rotors - Experimental investigations and numerical prediction
  • Funding: DFG - German Research Foundation
  • Project duration:  01.08.2022 - 31.07.2025
  • Project description: As part of the research project, experimental investigations of the dynamic behavior of Gas Foil Thrust Bearings (GFTBs) are carried out in order to create a systematically structured experimental database on GFTBs. This database is used for further scientific investigations, especially in numerical simulation to develop new bearing types and design rotor systems supported by gas foil bearings, e.g. oil-free turbo compressors in fuel cell systems.  
  • Project objective: Systematic experimental examinations of the dynamic behavior of GFTBs to create a generally available databasis:
    • Experimental identification of the damping and stiffness properties of the elastic structure of GFTBs to validate numerical structural models
    • Experimental identification of bearing parameters and the load carrying capacity of selected bearing designs depending on various operating parameters
    • Validation and further development of the applicant’s own numerical GFTB models to calculate bearing parameters and stability
    • Quantitative determination of the influence of GFTBs on the rotordynamic behavior and the stability of rotor systems with complete (axial and radial) foil bearings
    • Experimental determination of the influenceability of stability and bearing parameters by design modifications in the ramp and gap geometry of GFTBs
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