Art History
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Summer semester 2017

10-17 September 2017

Andreas Huth

The excursion 'Peripheral Centre. Art in 14th and 15th Century Padua' examined the most important Paduan works of art - fresco cycles, bronze works and panel painting - to explore the art historical topos of 'centre' and 'periphery', the core of which is the idea of a genius artist personality - called from a 'centre' - and the teleological idea of epochs and their development. For this purpose, the works were to be analysed and discussed with regard to their commissioning and addressees, the social, political and intellectual context of their creation, function and reception, as well as the artist's influence and intentions.


Summer semester 2015

18-22 June 2015

Stefanie Stallschus, in cooperation with Prof. Dr Bärbel Küster

What is the significance of photography in the age of digital media? Which positions of artistic photography are currently being exhibited? How political is artistic photography today? Such and similar questions occupied the excursion group that undertook a study trip to the 56th Venice Biennale "All the World's Future" as part of a seminar on artistic photography.


Winter semester 2014/15

10-17 September 2014

Magdalena Bushart, Henrike Haug, Stefanie Stallschus

The excursion to London served as preparation for three seminars dedicated to English art in the 19th century, the Arts & Crafts movement and early photography. The joint excursion enabled the students to delve deeper into industrialisation and its effects on culture and art.


Winter semester 2013/14

17-19 February 2014

Henrike Haug

The excursion took place after the seminar "Vermessen? Artistic Imitations of the 16th Century in Dresden". The Green Vault and the Mathematical-Physical Salon were visited to deepen the study of 16th century Kunstkammer objects in front of originals. A special focus was on instruments for measuring nature, i.e. sundials, astrolabes and position finders.


Winter semester 2011

24 September - 1 October 2011

Magdalena Bushart, Henrike Haug

The excursion served to prepare two seminars on portraiture and portraits in the early modern period and on the International Gothic.