Art History
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Ongoing promotions

Franziska GerloffBetween art object and medical model. The anatomical Venus as an object of the Wunderkammer
Stefan EiglThe year 1912. Interactions of the Central European avant-gardes. Between stylistic pluralism and international cubism
Anna HenningsonPaintings in attics: Medieval wall paintings under transformation
Caroline ListThe animal in the book. The German-language translations of Conrad gessner's "Historae Animalium" from the 16th and 17th centuries in the mirror of time
Sarah NienasFunction and significance of late medieval polychromy (working title)
Frank WernerBauhaus Design in the "Third Reich". The careers of Moholy Nagy's metal class in industry and handicrafts
Anna DziwetzkiVisual Artists and the "Germanisation" of Wartheland from 1939 to 1945
Daniela HönigsbergMaterial 'Self-Organisation'. The use of self-organised software in digital artworks
Angelica LanzilottiShadow, Night and Visibility. Iconographic and Theological Aspects of Light in Early German Painting
Gunnar SaeckerLudwig Gies. Drawings

Completed promotions

2019Helge KuppeThe Coronation Style of the Archbishop of Mainz. The works of Madern Gerthener's building workshop for Johann II of Nassau
2018Sabine SenseManfred Kuttner (1937-2007) - Farbe flieg. Monograph with catalogue raisonné
2017Antonia PutzgerCult and Art, Copy and Original. Case studies on appropriation, repetition and replacement of altarpieces in the early modern period
2016Li TöppeRepair and Transform. Plastic surgery as an artistic practice
2015Thomas LutgenLumen Spatiorum. The original room colouring of 13th century sacred buildings. Studies with special consideration of the Liebfrauenkirche in Trier