Art History
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Completed research projects

Completed research projects

The Elements of Drawing

IPODI Research Project || 01.10.2014-30.09.2016

Dr. Iris Wien

The intended study strives – from a historicizing perspective – to reconstruct the status of a phenomenon that can be referred to as “graphic marks”. Discourse on such phenomena burgeoned in the late eighteenth- and during the nineteenth-centuries especially in Britain. The proposed research will investigate deliberations and thoughts on the “smallest unit” of drawings, water colors, or prints in relation to the practice, theory, and criticism of the graphic arts.

The Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Werkbund der Deutschen in der Tschechoslowakai

DFG Project || 01.06.2014-30.05.2016

Dr. Alena Janatkova

The research project examines the Czech/Czechoslovak Werkbund and the Werkbund der Deutschen in der Tschechoslowakei, two different and co-existing interest groups of cultural workers in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia between 1914 and 1948.

Authorship 2.0 - Artistic Creation at the Interfaces between Society, Technology and Art

Research project || Duration 01.04.-15.08.2015

Daniela Hönigsberg, Alexandra Wolf

The research project aims to explore the redefinitions of authorship against the backdrop of an emerging network society, while at the same time investigating the aesthetic potential of technologies and techniques that have their origins in the digital world.

Artistry as a paradigmatic threshold phenomenon

DFG Research Group || 2009-2015
The project aims to explore the partly competing, partly correlating conceptions of artistry and artistic creativity that existed around 1900 as a psychic and social threshold phenomenon between "delusion", "drive", mediumism and "normality" across the boundaries of different disciplinary discourses (psychiatry, art history, sociology, philosophy), art studies, sociology, philosophy), different media (predominantly texts, but also works of visual art) as well as text genres (art criticism, scientific literature, literary pamphlet, artist theory) in their entirety.