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Subject area art history

Teaching in the department aims equally at imparting knowledge and skills. Its subject is the visual arts from the Middle Ages to the present, from the so-called 'arts and crafts' to painting, graphic arts and sculpture to photography, installation and performance. Students learn to analyse works of art and develop research questions that include current social discussions. The examination of artworks in Berlin-Brandenburg collections and churches, in public spaces and studios is a core component of the teaching. Where possible, the seminar formats refer to future professional fields. Students participate in the preparation of exhibitions, contribute to book projects, write blog posts or Wikipedia articles; events with curators and restorers provide insight into museum practice. The special profile of the department includes an intensive study of artistic materials and production processes. In courses and through visits to workshops, students learn how works of art are created and what role material and technology play in the work of art.

In research, the focus is on the interdependencies between shaping processes and manufacturing methods as well as the material nature of artefacts. It refers to the international discussions in the field of material studies and examines questions of art technology as well as problems of decay and the preservation of objects within a broad spectrum that spans genres and epochs. At the same time, it is dedicated to theorising production processes and the use of materials. This includes, for example, the production, effect and alteration of surfaces of pictorial works from the Middle Ages and the early modern period, their semantics and their relationship to the "underneath", as well as the reproductions produced with imaging impression processes, whose more or less distinct variances, as well as the deliberate and random variations, represent a fruitful field of research that has been little dealt with so far.

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How you get to us (Directions)

The Institute of Art Studies and Historical Urban Studies, Faculty I, TU Berlin is located at Ernst Reuter Platz (Straße des 17. Juni 150/152).

In the corner between Marchstraße and Straße des 17. Juni there is a bronze sculpture by Bernhard Heiliger in memory of Ernst Reuter. From this you look directly at the entrance of the institute. Walk across the small bridge that leads to the entrance of house number 150.

The Institute's premises extend over two floors.

The offices of the History of Art and Architecture, marked A-F 1xx, as well as the "Diathek" can be reached via the stairs to your left.

The offices A-F 0xx are located on the ground floor in the south wing of the building (on your right). Here you will find the Chair for Modern Art History.

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