Modern Art History
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Research Colloquium

Program for the Academic Year 2023/2024

20.10.23 Freya Schwachenwald: Panther Skin and Photographs: Approaches to a Transcultural History of Photography in Singapore and Southeast Asia

10.11.23 Emilie Widmer: Social cohesion through art: Art societies and local elites in Switzerland (1887-1945)

17.11.23 Sabrina Moura: Communities of Reception and the Challenges of Restitution in Global South Museums

24.11.23 Ly Dieu Hoang: Report on my research trip to Vietnam - (In)accessibility of archival records

15.12.23 Sol Izquierdo de la Viña: Recovering Lene Schneider-Kainer (1885-1971):New Findings, Problems and Outlook (Report on the current state of my Postdoc-Project Travelling Identity: Orientalist Imaginaries of Lene Schneider-Kainer through her Journeys during the Weimar Republic and in Exile)

12.01.24 Iñigo Salto Santamaría: Ephemeral Museums of Medieval Art in the World War II Era. A Transnational Network of Exhibitions, Curators, and Objects (1929–1956)

19.01.24 David Blankenstein: Alexander von Humboldt: Kosmos, Kunst und Museum

26.01.24 Philippa Sissis: Collecting the pre-columbian past - Louis Guesde (1844-1924) and the emergence of Caribbean history before the Europeans

02.02.24 Champolion Miache Evina: Architecture coloniale et patrimoine en contexte camerounais: de 1884 à 1960

16.02.24  Anna-Jo Weier: Werkstattbericht


The research colloquium led by Bénédicte Savoy is primarily aimed at doctoral students and master's candidates during the master's thesis phase. However, bachelor students are welcome as well!

Interested guests are kindly asked to contact us in advance of the events.

The supervision of final theses (dissertations and master's theses) is done after individual consultation with the lecturers of the department. Once the topic has been chosen, the content, method, and timeline of the planned thesis must be outlined in an exposé. See the instructions for writing an exposé.

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