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Publication: Atlas of Absence. Cameroon's Cultural Heritage in Germany

Atlas of Absence
Cameroon's Cultural Heritage in Germany

Authors' collective. Andrea Meyer and Bénédicte Savoy (Coord.)
520 pages, 110 images and 51 maps
Dietrich Reimer Verlag, 2023
ISBN: 978-3-496-01700-4

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Today, more than 40,000 objects from Cameroon are kept in public museums in the Federal Republic of Germany. This is the largest stock worldwide. Since the German colonial period (1886-1916), they have been stored in the storerooms of the institutions that keep them, virtually unpublished and unknown. In Cameroon, too, the memory of it has been partially extinguished; but in part, it has been intensively cultivated over generations. "Atlas der Abwesenheit" traces for the first time the invisible presence of Cameroon in German museums. At the same time, the forms and consequences of the absence of cultural heritage in Cameroon itself are examined.

The Project
The publication is based on the project "Reversed History of Collections" funded by the German Research Foundation, under the direction of Albert Gouaffo (Université de Dschang) and Bénédicte Savoy (Technische Universität Berlin). The book was presented at the conference “Cameroon's Cultural Heritage in Germany. Findings and Perspectives“ from June 1-3, 2023, at Technische Universität Berlin.

With contributions by
Mikaél Assilkinga, Berlin/Dschang; Lindiwe Breuer, Berlin; Fogha Mc Cornilius Refem (alias Wan wo Layir), Potsdam; Albert Gouaffo, Dschang; Dieu Ly Hoang, Berlin; Yann LeGall, Berlin; Yrine Matchinda, Dschang; Andrea Meyer, Berlin; Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III., Douala; Philippe Rekacewicz, Arendal/Wageningen; Bénédicte Savoy, Berlin; Sebastian-Manès Sprute, Berlin; Richard Tsogang Fossi, Berlin/Dschang; Eyke Vonderau, Berlin.

© Philippe Rekacewicz

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