Modern Art History

International Conference: Cameroon's Cultural Heritage in Germany. Findings and Perspectives


What practical and theoretical tools can be used to reconstruct the oft en-violent journey of cultural entities, the so-called museum objects, from Cameroon to Germany?
In whose language(s) can the history of the spoliations be written, and with which words can the perspective of the dispossessed be conveyed?
How do we generate possibilities for reconnection with cultural heritage and history, and what challenges are linked to these processes aft er 100 years of presence in Germany / absence in Cameroon?

Together with international guests, the project group »Reverse Collection History« opened a three-day discussion space to talk about these questions related to the history and future of Cameroon‘s material cultural heritage and to presetn the project's publication "Atlas der Abwesenheit".

The conference iwas held in cooperation with the Embassy of of Cameroon and open to the public. The conference languages were German and English. The program can be found here.