Modern Art History
Room "Das Aquarium" © Markus Hilbich 2022


Address Sekretariat A56 Straße des 17.Juni 150/52
D-10623 Berlin
Monday-Thursday9 am-1pm


The Institute of Art Studies and Historical Urban Studies, Faculty I, TU Berlin is located at Ernst Reuter Platz (Straße des 17. Juni 150/152).

In the corner between Marchstraße and Straße des 17. Juni there is a bronze sculpture by Bernhard Heiliger in memory of Ernst Reuter. From this you look directly at the entrance of the institute. Walk across the small bridge that leads to the entrance of house number 150.

The offices A 0xx are located on the ground floor in the south wing of the building (on your right). Here you will find the Department for Modern Art History.

The offices A 1xx can be reached via the stairs on your left. 

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