Modern Art History

Art history as cultural history

The focus of our work is on questions of art history as cultural history (Kunstgeschichte als Kulturgeschichte = KuK), on the aesthetic, social, political and institutional constellations that have shaped the production, circulation and consumption of art since the 18th century. Places and forms of artist training, transnational museum history, the art market as a historically evolved system, the different forms of intellectual and material appropriation of cultural goods in times of peace and war, art theft and looted art - these are some of the topics that the department covers within the Institute of Art History and Historical Urban Studies and with courses offered for the study programs "Culture and Technology" (B.A.) and "Art History/Art Technology" or "Art History/Museum" (M.A.).

Our current research focuses are: Postcolonial provenance research, Nazi looted art, Museum history and French-German cultural transfer.

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