Experimentelle Untersuchung der UV-Exposition von Stadtnutzer*innen in Berlin

Experimental investigation of UV exposure of urban dwellers in Berlin

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Project supervision

The Self-Determined Project investigates the extent to which different uses of urban space influence UV exposure.

Starting point:

Radiation emitted by the sun includes ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which has an impact on human health. The biophysical effects of excessive UV radiation can damage human DNA and lead to skin aging and skin cancer. Medical costs for skin cancer treatments in Germany have continuously increased in recent years. To highlight the risks of UV overexposure, WMO and WHO have introduced the UV Index (UVI). Due to the predicted increase in global average temperature, outdoor activities in Central Europe are expected to increase. As a result, diseases caused by UV radiation could become more frequent.
In this context - using Berlin (Germany) as an example - the extent of UV exposure due to different uses of urban spaces is investigated. First of all, it is assumed that the UVI is a meaningful measure for the assessment of health hazards caused by direct UV radiation for all types of use. Three different use types were defined. Use type 1 corresponds to a person who is permanently in the shaded area of trees. Use type 2 represents a person who is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. Use type 3 exemplifies a person who moves through the city on foot.


1. develop basics, e.g. by literature research, self-study (April - May)
2. presentation and elaboration of the literature study (scientific text - June)
3. software development and construction of measurement equipment (April - June)
4. conception and measurements on site (excursion week)
5. analyzing own and external data and formulating conclusions (June)
6. elaboration of results and their discussion with regard to measures (July)
7. presentation of the results as an online published project report


Marco Otto

Office AB 3
Study Project 6th Semester 
Title KeywordProfilierungsprojekt: "UV-Exposition von Stadtbewohner*innen" (Profiling Project: "UV-Exposition of Urban dwellers")
Study ProgramBachelor ÖkUp (Bachelor Ecology and Environmental Planning)
DurationSuSe 2019
PlaceRothenburgstraße 12, Berlin-Steglitz (building AB)