VL Grundlagen der Stadtökologie

(Basics of urban Ecology, Lecture taught in German)

The course is part of the module Ökologische Grundlagen 3 (Basics of Ecology 3) which consists of three parts.

The contents of this course are interdisciplinary and give a good overview of the different aspects of urban ecology.

The course combines contents from ecosystem science / plant ecology, animal ecology, site science and soil conservation and climatology.

Concrete contents are:

  • Approaches to urban ecology research
  • Ecological structuring of the city and urban-land gradients
  • Biological diversity in the city and causes of its formation and differentiation
  • Vegetation types of urban habitats and possibilities of their development
  • Causes and characteristics of urban climate
  • Spatial differentiation of urban climate and possibilities of its influence
  • formation and differentiation of urban soils
  • characteristic soils of urban habitats and their functions
  • protection and endangerment of urban soils

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