Prototype of an energy-autonomous greenhouse for training purposes

Project researchers

As part of the research project "Development, planning and construction of a novel, convertible building prototype for the symbiotic use of an energy-autonomous training greenhouse in Berlin", a revolutionary, energy-autonomous training greenhouse is being built at the Berlin-Charlottenburg local gardening nursery. The focus of the project is on integrating and optimizing the different bioclimatic needs of humans and plants.

The Chair of Climatology is developing a bioclimatic monitoring system for this pioneering concept. To this end, innovative, cost-efficient measuring stations are being developed and implemented to record data on air temperature, humidity, light intensity, radiation temperature, UV intensity, CO2 content and wind speed. This data forms the basis for the targeted control of climate elements in order to create both an optimal growth environment for plants and to improve working conditions for people. This also includes the calculation of a "physiologically equivalent temperature", which enables a more precise assessment and adjustment of thermal conditions in the workplace. This differentiated approach significantly reduces the building's energy consumption and improves the quality of life for people and plants.

The research project is funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) and brings together expertise from various specialist areas. The project partners include architects, construction and climate engineers, energy technicians, botanists, manufacturers of seasonal thermal storage systems and CO2-neutral building technology as well as metalworkers for customizable shading elements.
The energy-autonomous training greenhouse is an example of sustainable, resource-saving and environmentally friendly architecture. This project makes an important contribution to reducing the energy requirements of buildings and promoting the sustainable use of resources.


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