Project researchers

The BMBF joint project AI-NET-PROTECT develops concepts, architectures and methods for automated network operation and secure networks on trusted devices for critical infrastructures and enterprises. The Chair of Climatology at TU Berlin leads the subproject "Influence of Weather and Climate on Wireless Data Transmission with Terahertz Technology" and represents an important extension of the application scenarios of AI-NET-PROTECT in urban areas. The Chair of Climatology is involved in setting up a test infrastructure on the Charlottenburg campus of the TU Berlin for a hybrid network. It consists of wireless terahertz links, so-called "virtual fibers" with transmission rates above 100 Gbit, embedded in a fiber-optic infrastructure. To conduct a comprehensive assessment of atmospheric conditions within the test infrastructure, we will deploy automatic weather stations on campus and integrate data from a weather radar. To complement this experimental work, micro-scale urban climate simulations will be conducted to capture the spatial variability of atmospheric conditions. The essential object of the investigations in network operation is the optimization and reliability of the "virtual fibers" under consideration of changing weather conditions, in particular concerning the spatial and temporal variability of precipitation as well as air temperature and atmospheric humidity.


Fred Meier

Office AB 3